Influence Map for Concepts & Creations of DemieLune - Art

A difficult exercice it was and for a long time. After taking the time to reflect, to agonize too, I realized that my two sides, the visual artist and the autor and creator of imaginary worlds, were fighting to be heard. So here the second panel.

(To see the other Influence Map – Visual & Aesthetics, it’s here!)


  1. Avatar, Last Airbender series (2005-2008) from Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino
  2. Lady Oscar, The Rose of Versailles, written & illustrated by Riyoko Ikeda (manga, 1972-73) and animé directed by Tadao Nagahama (01-18) & Osamu Dezaki (19-40) (1979-1980)
  3. Most movies from Studio Ghibli, Japan
  4. Terryl Whitlatch, Zoologist & Artist, concept art in creatures design, USA
  5. Ancient Greek Mythology, stories, deities, and creatures
  6. Willow (1988), story by George Lucas, screenplay by Bob Dolman, directed by Ron Howard
  7. Celtic & Norse Mythologies, stories, deities, and creatures
  8. DRAGONS! …and The Song of Ice & Fire series (Game of Thrones), written by George R.R. Martin
  9. Labyrith (1986) & Dark Crystal (1982) created by Jim Henson
  10. Diablo II (2000) videogame by Blizzard North/Entertainment
  11. Star Wars (1977, 1980, 1983), created by George Lucas
  12. Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1977-1979), Japan, written & illustrated by Leiji Matsumoto (manga)
  13. Ghost in the Shell (1989-1990), Japan, written & illustrated by Masamune Shirow (manga)
  14. The Flight of Dragons (1982), created by Gordon & Peter Dickinson, animated movie by Arthur Rankin Jr. & Jules Bass
  15. Les Maîtres du Temps, (1982), animated movie, France, created by Stefan Wul (novel) and art by Moebus
  16. The Last Unicorn (1982), Japan/USA animated movie, created by Peter S. Beagle (novel), animated movie by Arthur Rankin Jr. & Jules Bass, produced at the studio Topcraft in Japan, that would later become Ghibli.
  17. Nezha Conquers the Dragon King (1979) China, written by Wang Wang, animated movie by Yan Dingxian, Wang Shuchen & Xu Jingda

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