Artist's LifeInfluence Map for Visual & Aesthetics of DemieLune - Art
Influence Map for Visual & Aesthetics of DemieLune - Art

This exercise was asked of me. I can’t explain it, but it was incredibly hard for me to do. Yet it’s an important element for the artistic approach and it’s part of « know and recognize yourself » chapter…

So there, I took the time to reflect, to agonize too, and bring up this board more than due. Doing it, I realized that my two sides, the visual artist and the autor and creator of imaginary worlds, were fighting to be heard. So I have decided to do two panel, one of each.

(To see the other Influence Map – Concept & Creation, it’s here!)

  1. History of Art, Neoclassical & preraphaelits period & Ancient Greek Mythology;
    W. A. Bouguereau. Nymphs & Satyr (1873) being the central influence since childhood
  2. Studio Ghibli movies and visuals. Background from Howl’s Moving Castle movie
  3. Legend of Korra series, (2012-2014), from Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for Nickelodeon
  4. History of Art, Art Nouveau period; Alphonse Mucha, Moon & Star series, (1902)
  5. Matt Rhodes, Tellurion page 130, 2017-2020.
  6. Donald Caron, Digital Art Teacher. Fantasia 2011.
  7. Tomm Moore movies & visuals. Secret of Kells 2009, & Celtic Mythology
  8. Minna Sundberg, Stand Still. Stay Silent – webcomic (2013 to present day). & Norse Mythology. 
  9. Serge Pellé, Orbital comics (2006 to present day). Cover of #2 Ruptures
  10. Alan Lee, lifetime illustration of Lord of the Rings books
  11. Andreas Rocha Artwork, Magic Hour (2017). Freelance concept artist for environment.…
  12. Romnia Sol Catanzaro, Classical & Traditional Art Teacher (and now friend) at

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