January 2013


I am Démie Lecompte. I grew up and still live to this day in the Montérégie region of Quebec (Canada), near Montréal.

I started drawing as soon as I knew how to hold a pencil and I wrote illustrated stories as soon as I could write. At the age of nine, I made a serious decision to compose long stories. I went to College in visual arts, and afterward in 3D animation for film and video games. This is where I learned the basics of digital painting software.

I became the mother of two wonderful and talented daughters in 2008 and 2012.

In 2016, I started traditional drawing classes. After a period of reflection, I chose in 2017 to resume digital painting and take intensive courses over three semesters. Since 2022, I’m a graduate of l’INIS (Institut National de l’Image et du Son) in feature film screenwriting.

Artistic Approach

Digital Painting

A technique where traditional canvas, paper and media are replaced by 2D drawing software. It is now my medium of predilection. I'm using mostly Clip Studio Paint, ArtRage and Adobe Photoshop CS6. I would like to try Corel Painter one day.

Traditional Arts

Graphite is my natural first choice of medium for traditional art, or else charcoal and white pastel on mi-teinte paper. In the past, I did some painting (acrylic and oil), which is now replaced by digital painting.


I write fantasy, where I create imaginary worlds filled with magic and fabulous creatures. Of course, at the centre of all this, the human nature; sometimes coward, sometimes virtuous, most of the time in love, which makes it, when circumstances allow it, heroic.


Human Figure

The human figure and character creation always has been at the centre of my drawings and fascinations.

Animals & Creatures

In strong rivalry with human figure, comes animal figure and creature conception (mythological, anthropomorphic, hybrid and chimerical of all kinds).

Anatomy studies

For an aesthetic understanding of the human body or the animal silhouette, from its structure to its movements.

Narrative Illustrations

I have often been told that my writing is very pictorial, as much as my images are very narrative. My artistic approach goes in this direction: the fusion between art and letters.