Welcome to my blog!

You are here in the space of a optimistic philanthropist! An artist and author who loves humans regardless of skin color, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, but also Earth lover and Nature lover in every aspect.

Within my articles I’ll discuss visual arts, illustrations, writing, creativity, inspiring readings, movies or television series, but also of creative blocs, ADHD and other neuro-diversities, family life, to be the mother of two exceptional daughters, which can be an advantage or an inconvenient for the creative momentum. I may occasionally speak about being the spouse of a non-binary trans person in transition, or about my love for animals, for plants, tea and herbal tea, geology or ecology.

Influence Map – Concept & Creation

A difficult exercice it was and for a long time. After taking the time to reflect, to agonize too, I realized that my two sides, the visual artist and the autor and creator of imaginary worlds, were fighting to be heard. So here the second panel. (To see the other Influence Map – Visual &…

Influence Map – Visual & Aesthetics

This exercise was asked of me. I can’t explain it, but it was incredibly hard for me to do. Yet it’s an important element for the artistic approach and it’s part of « know and recognize yourself » chapter… So there, I took the time to reflect, to agonize too, and bring up this board…